The international summer school in financial journalism, launched in 2014, runs in partnership with two of the world’s top universities, who host the visiting City students in Shanghai and New York.




Fudan University. Located in Shanghai, the largest and most dynamic city in China, Fudan is one of the top three universities in the country. Fudan School of Journalism, founded in 1929, is China’s oldest journalism institute and one of the few to offer courses in financial reporting. Fudan lecturers who teach on the summer school come from media outlets including Reuters and Shanghai Daily.




New York University. Based in Greenwich Village, NYU’s journalism department is among the top 10 journalism schools in the United States. The school’s Business and Economic Reporting (BER) programme, which is supported by the Marjorie Deane Foundation, draws on resources from NYU’s Stern Business School. The journalism lecturers come from backgrounds at the New York Times, Fortune, Forbes and Slate.



Students who sign up the Global Economic Reporting Course in the one-year masters in financial journalism at City spend a week each in China and the United States. Financial journalism students from NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute also visit London for a week-long programme featuring prominent European economists and journalists.

These close academic ties allow students to tap into a pool of international expertise, helped by lecturers in London, Shanghai and New York who are highly skilled reporters and well-connected within the media and business worlds.


senior“To my knowledge, no other journalism course offers expert financial tuition, purposeful travel and professional networking on this scale.

Aside from the thrill of seeing different economies up close, the students get practical coverage tips and story ideas to take straight into job interviews and reporting assignments.”

Anne Senior, International Summer School Director at City and former head of editorial training for Reuters



For more information about the summer school or the Masters in Financial Journalism contact Steve Schifferes.